Tyler's Fund

This website was designed for the Friends and Family of Tyler Botsford

On Tuesday, August 6th, Tyler Botsford, age 14, was brought
to Los Robles Regional Medical Center by his mom, Stacy, after
showing flu-like symptoms for several days. The emergency room
physician, Dr. Reyes (our hero), performed several tests on Tyler
and determined there was a big problem. Typically, a person's
white blood cell count is around 10,000. Tyler's level was at 460,000!
Such a drastic level was a possible indicator of leukemia. As a result,
Dr. Reyes immediately had Tyler flown to the UCLA Pediatric
Intensive Care Unit. Once at UCLA, a team of doctors and nurses
 aggressive treatment. It was confirmed that Tyler has Acute
Biphenotypic Leukemia, a rare and very serious form of the disease
combining both Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and Acute
Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Since treatment began, Tyler has had
three blood cleansing transfusions, multiple red blood cell and
platelet transfusions, and has started an aggressive ten day
chemotherapy treatment which will be repeated in a few weeks.
At that point, if everything is going well, he will receive a bone
marrow transplant. 

Tyler is aware of everything that is going on and is ready for the long battle ahead. He is an amazing kid with a huge heart and we have no doubt that we will get through this. His family would like to thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes and support. We love you all!!!

Thank you, 

Chris and Stacy Botsford (Tyler's dad and mom) and Danielle and Bobbie (Tyler's big sisters)

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